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Curious - Bundle! - Sweet Spot + Curious Lubricant + Afterplay


Curious - Bundle! - Sweet Spot + Curious Lubricant + Afterplay


Sweet Spot

Curious™ Sweet Spot is the only intimate lubricant available that’s specifically formulated for oral sex.  It has a smooth, silky, slightly sweet taste and mouthfeel that’s perfectly suited for oral play.  Crucially, it excludes ingredients that harm tissues and interfere with pH and a healthy vaginal biome, and includes an array of  plant sourced ingredients that rejuvenate, nourish, and protect intimate tissues.   

As always, Curious lubricants increase pleasure, in formulas that deeply contemplate the science of female physiology in tandem with respect for sexual needs.

Sweet Spot Ingredients: *Coconut fruit oil, *Plant-origin phytosterols, Beeswax polyphenols, *Pomegranate oil, *natural flavor, *Stevia leaf. *denotes USDA Organic


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Curious Lubricant

Curious Intimate Lubricant is the only intimate skincare available that includes an array of potent medicinal plants that rejuvenate, nourish, and protect intimate tissues while increasing pleasure, in a formula that deeply contemplates the science of a woman’s physiology in tandem with respect for a woman’s sexual needs.

Ingredients: Coconut fruit oil extract, therapeutic grade; *Pomegranate oil; *Jojoba oil; *Elderberry extract; *Green Tea extract; *Gotu Kola extract; *Damiana extract; Olive squalane; *Shiitake extract phospholipids; *Chamomile extract phospholipids; Pomegranate sterols. *Denotes USDA Organic


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Afterplay Intimate Skincare Recovery Serum

Afterplay Intimate Skincare Recovery Serum This is what we reach for in an ouch situation. It's for use on anogenital tissues, regardless of the origin of the problem. We may have very irritated and inflamed skin membranes due to yeast, or to another imbalance of the vaginal biome. We may struggle with a chronic health condition that leaves us painfully dry and abraded, or we may need assistance with a condition that causes scaling and micro-tears. Or perhaps we suffer from hemorrhoids, which are varicose veins that can be mightily painful. We may need skincare to assist in recovery of healthy tissues following a surgical repair/episiotomy, after the wound has closed. Or, maybe we played too hard.

Ingredients: *Black Cumin seed oil; *Avocado oil, *Dahurian Angelica extract; *Calendula extract; Pomegranate oil, *St. Johnswort extract; *Moringa oil; *Shiitake extract phospholipids; *Chamomile extract phospholipids; *Elderberry extract; Pomegranate sterols; β-Sitosterol; *Blue Yarrow EO; *German Chamomile EO; *Bulgarian Lavender EO; *Denotes USDA Organic


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